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Event DateApptEvent Name
7/1/2017   2017 MBIA Directory Advertising
9/26/2017   Record Plat Committee Montgomery County
9/27/2017   Montgomery County Chapter Meeting
9/27/2017   Professional Women in Building Council
9/27/2017   Calvert & St. Mary's County Chapter Meeting
9/27/2017   Charles County Chapter Meeting
9/28/2017   Hudson Coastal at Maple Lawn "Happy Hour" (hosted by Real Estate Finance Committee & The Remodeler's Council)
10/3/2017   Custom Builders Council Montgomery County
10/3/2017   "MGM National Harbor" Networking Event (Hosted by MBIA's Prince George's County Chapter & The Future Industry Leaders (FIL)
10/4/2017   Baltimore County Chapter Meeting
10/4/2017   Environmental Committee
10/5/2017   Land Development Council Meeting
10/6/2017   Baltimore City Chapter Meeting
10/6/2017   Prince George's County Chapter Meeting
10/10/2017   Anne Arundel Chapter Meeting
10/10/2017   Codes & Standards Committee Meeting
10/11/2017   Education & Networking "Sales Camp Seminar" (hosted by SMC)
10/11/2017   Green Building Council Meeting
10/11/2017   Charles County Member's Only Meeting
10/11/2017   Prince George’s County Development Process Subcommittee
10/12/2017   WSSC Liaison Committee
10/12/2017   Howard County Chapter meeting
10/18/2017   Future Industry Leaders Council Meeting
10/18/2017   Montgomery County Chapter Meeting
10/18/2017   Chef "Fright" Night and Silent Auction 2017
10/18/2017   2017 October Executive Committee
10/18/2017   Charles County Chapter Meeting
10/19/2017   Upper Chesapeake Chapter
10/19/2017   MBIA/Anne Arundel County OPZ Meeting
10/25/2017   2017 Fall Builder Banker Breakfast (Hosted by MBIA's Real Estate Finance Committee)
10/25/2017   Candidates, Cocktails & Conversation with the Howard County PAC
10/26/2017   Home Builders Care Foundation board meeting
11/1/2017   Development Review Process Subcommittee
11/1/2017   Environmental Committee
11/1/2017   Baltimore County Chapter Meeting
11/2/2017   MBIA's "Remodeling and Custom Building Awards of Excellence"
11/2/2017   Land Development Council Meeting
11/3/2017   Baltimore City Chapter Meeting
11/3/2017   Prince George's County Chapter Meeting
11/7/2017   Custom Builders Council Montgomery County
11/8/2017   Green Building Council Meeting
11/8/2017   Prince George’s County Development Process Subcommittee
11/8/2017   Charles County Member's Only Meeting
11/9/2017   WSSC Liaison Committee
11/9/2017   Howard County Chapter meeting
11/9/2017   2017 Multi-Family Trends Conference


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